The Dangers Of Electronics Smoke Damage: Restoring Your Devices After Damage Due To Smoke And Soot

Electronics are everywhere in your home. If your house catches fire, this smoke could force you to evacuate in a panic. Smoke damage can be brief or last for hours, depending on the type of fire and fuel, so it is important to understand the dangers of electronics smoke damage. There are three main types of smoke-related damage: electrical fire damage, non-electrical fire damage, and the combination of the two. To repair smoke-damaged devices safely, you'll need to determine which type is impacting your electronic devices. The following electronics smoke damage restoration information will help you with the process:

The Dangers of Using a Wet Cloth

It is tempting to just use a wet cloth to wipe down all your electronics—but this is a bad idea. The dampness of the cloth can cause a lot of problems with electronic devices and might not remove all the contamination from the soot due to the smoke. In addition, if there is any moisture left in the device, it could short circuit, causing a fire hazard when you turn it back on.


One of the most important things you can do in the aftermath of a fire is to decontaminate your electronics safely. This is a process that requires special cleaning agents that can completely remove any contaminants without damaging electronic parts. When these devices are returned to their owners, they should be thoroughly cleaned before using them again.

Cleaning the Interior Components

There are many types of electronics that are susceptible to smoke damage, but most electronic devices have parts that can become damaged if they are exposed to fire or smoke. The interior parts inside the device are just as important as the exterior parts. Simply put, if the internal parts are damaged or dirty, the entire machine needs to be cleaned and repaired. A professional can make sure that all of the interior pieces are cleaned and inspected for any damage caused by smoke and soot.

Properly Powering on Electronics

The most common types of electronics smoke damage are burned circuit boards, melted plastic parts, melted wires, and PCB (printed circuit board) damage. The final step in restoring your electronics is to make sure they're working properly. If the device fails to work properly after turning it on, there might be a part that needs to be replaced.

Once you've powered on the electronics after the smoke damage restoration and tested them to ensure safety and that they're working properly, it's time to start putting them back in their places. With some electronics, you can remove the damaged parts and replace them with new ones; others will be damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

You work hard for your possessions—don't let smoke damage ruin them forever. Contact an electronics smoke damage restoration service to see if they can restore them back to their original condition.